ESEB2019 – European Society for Evolutionary Biology

Scientific committee

Craig Primmer (University of Helsinki), Chair
Evolutionary genomics, conservation genetics, molecular ecology.

Jon Brommer (University of Turku)
Evolutionary quantitative genetics, evolutionary ecology, long-term individual-based data

Jukka Jokela (EAWAG, Switzerland)
Coevolution, ecological genetics, life-history trait evolution, evolutionary parasitology, aquatic ecology

Veijo Jormalainen (University of Turku)
Crustacean mating behavior, alga-grazer interactions, tolerance to climate change

Hanna Kokko (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Theoretical evolutionary ecology, evolution of sexual reproduction and the two sexes, dispersal evolution

Raine Kortet (University of Eastern Finland)
Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Host-Parasite interactions

Britt Koskella (UC Berkley, USA)
host-pathogen coevolution; microbiome-mediated protection against pathogens; bacteria-phage interactions in nature; phage biocontrol in agriculture

Virpi Lummaa (University of Turku)
Life-history evolution in long-lived mammals

Jonna Mappes (University of Jyväskylä)
evolutionary ecology and biological interactions (especially aposematism and mimicry)

Outi Savolainen (University of Oulu)
Genetics of climatic adaptation of plants, forest tree evolutionary genomics, plant population genetics, genetics of speciation in Arabidopsis relatives

Lotta Sundström (University of Helsinki)
Evolutionary ecology, social evolution

Niklas Wahlberg (Lund University, Sweden)
speciation, diversification, molecular systematics, phylogenomics

Phil Watts (University of Oulu)
Genomics, evolutionary ecology, conservation, microbial ecology