Presenter guidelines

Guidelines for oral presentations

Oral presentations times:

  • Invited symposium presentation slots:  23 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion + 2 minutes for changing rooms
  • Regular oral presentation slots: 10 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion + 2 minutes for changing rooms

Presenters must follow the assigned times to ensure the eight concurrent sessions remain synchronised. Loud music will play during the 2 minute transition to ensure speakers cannot speak overtime. The next speaker’s time-slot starts as soon as the music stops.

To enable the staff to handle the technical aspects in an efficient way, all presentations must be prepared according to the guidelines below. It is essential that:

  • the correct file format is used
  • the presentation is sent via upload link prior to the deadline (upload link and deadlines will be added here closer to congress)
  • the presentation file is named correctly: talk number, day of the presentation (TUE, WED etc.), your last name eg. S37.O3_TUE_Jones

Prepare your presentation and in addition to uploading it, you should save a back-up version on a USB memory stick and bring it with you just in case.

Technical details

  • Please note that all symposia will be live streamed and recorded. Your permission will be asked on the presentation upload form.
  • The Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx format advised) is strongly recommended but pdf will be accepted. PDF presentation should not include any multimedia files or animations and slides must go forward/backward with the right/left arrow for remote control usage (not up/down)
  • PowerPoint presentation must be in 16:9 ratioformat.
  • We recommend you make your slides as concise as possible by keeping texts short and avoiding too many bullet points, so text will be readable in the live stream.
  •  The remote control also has an embedded laser pointer with a designated button as well as a “Play” button. Videos should be set to auto-play, so “Play” should not be needed.
  • There will be a speaker’s monitor to follow the presentation.

Video and sound

  • For embedded videos in your presentation, we recommend you use MP4.
  • If your presentation includes sounds, we recommend you use MP3 or WAV
  • Movies or videos that require additional reading or projection equipment will not be accepted.
  • Be aware of copyright when using media. Do not use any material, which is owned by someone else (audio/video).
  • Set the sound of your videos to ”mute” if you do not want to play sound during your presentation.
  • It is advised for your videos to activate the automatic start option.

Technical assistance

There will be a congress volunteer with a computer next to the registration area to help if you have technical problems with your presentation. Please contact the info desk well in advance of your presentation if you need assistance.

Guidelines for poster presentations

There will be two poster sessions during ESEB2019 on two evenings (17:30-19:30), after the parallel symposia:

Poster Session 1 on Tuesday, 20 August
Poster Session 2 on Friday, 23 August

Kindly check your poster session in the programme on the congress website. Poster boards will be marked with codes which you can check in the programme. Poster presenters are required to be by their poster during the poster session designated to their poster. 

Poster Session 1:
Posters can be mounted on Monday, 19 Aug between 15:00-18:00 or on Tuesday morning, 20 Aug. Posters in Poster Session 1 must be dismounted by the presenter at latest during the last break on Wednesday, 21 Aug.

Poster Session 2:
Posters can be mounted on Thursday morning, 22 Aug and must be dismounted by the presenter by the end of the lunch break on Saturday, 24 Aug.

Please note that the poster presenters are responsible of dismounting their posters. No poster will be retained nor sent to their owner after the congress.

The size of the poster board is 88 cm (width) x 118 cm (height) and is thus suitable for A0 size posters in portrait orientation (see illustration). Pins will be provided at the poster area.

Technical overview for oral presentations
  • Format: PowerPoint (PPTX/PPT), aspect ratio16:9 (widescreen). PDF format only if PowerPoint is not possible.
  • Presentation computers: PC, Win10, Office 365 -> Operated with remote control.
  • File size and links: Should not exceed 100 MB. Media: Embed all media to the presentation. Do not use media links to other files/web locations.
  • Video format: MP4, max. FullHD resolution (1920*1080).
  • Image format: JPEG/PNG/GIF.
  • Audio format: MP3.
    Copyright: As talks will be live streamed (when presenters have given permission), use of copyrighted material (audio/video) is forbidden.
    Fonts: Use only standard Microsoft Office fonts, embed fonts to presentation. Select the Embed TrueType fonts check box (Tools /Save Options).
Deadline & file name

Deadline: Upload by 16:00 the day before your presentation if your presentation is before lunch; Upload by 08:00 on the same day as your presentation if your presentation is after lunch
File name: TalkNumber_TalkDay_LastName.pptx
File name example:  S37.O3_TUE_Jones.pptx

Click on the upload tab below to open the upload link!

Day of the presentation

Session Rooms

Each session room is equipped with the following items:

  • Video projector
  • Headset microphone
  • Monitor for presentation + notes
  • Remote control + embedded laser pointer for presentation

Be in the session room at least 10 minutes before the session starts to meet the chair of the session and familiarize yourself with the equipment in the session room.

In addition to the symposium organizer(s), each lecture room is attended by two congress volunteers and one computer technician to help make your presentation session run as smoothly as possible.

The lecture room technician will ensure that your presentation is launched prior to the commencement of your speaking slot. You can change slides forward/backward using the remote control and the same device includes a laser-pointer. There is no computer at the front of the lecture room, presentations are controlled by the technician in the back of the room. There is a computer monitor so you can follow your slides and see your PowerPoint notes.


Regardless of how strong your voice is, you MUST use the microphone in order the presentation to be audible on the video stream/recording. You should have a belt or pocket, where the headset microphone transmitter can be hanged.

We recommend that speakers introduce themselves to the symposium hosts prior to their session commencing or inform them earlier if you intend to appear later. This is also recommendable if you suspect they may need guidance in pronouncing your name.

Question time
The symposium organisers co-ordinate question time. Question askers are required to use microphones, so their questions are heard on the video stream. We recommend keeping answers brief in order to enable the opportunity for several questions in the allotted question period.

In order to encourage open science, and to allow people not able to attend ESEB2019 to have access to presentations, we are providing presenters the opportunity for their presentations to be live streamed and also available for viewing following the conference. All presenters are asked if they do not wish to give permission to allow the streaming and recording of their talk on the presentation upload form. Only those who have given the permission will be streamed/recorded.

ESEB encourages all presenters to use this opportunity for publicizing their research more broadly!

There is a marked section in which the presenters should move to be visible in the live stream. Question askers from the audience will not be visible (only audio) in the stream/recording.

A link to follow all live streams:
(Click on the session titles once the programme has started)

The streaming is produced by RajuLive.

RajuLive is a professional provider of video&image production services and presentation technology. RajuLive is part of an expanding enterprise group Apaja Oy, which offers modern lighting, audio and visual equipment as well as event furniture&decoration and program services ranging from private parties to festivals. The enterprise group also includes event technology companies Rajupaja, Ruosila and VoiceBoys and furniture&decoration company Lounais-Suomen Vuokrakaluste.

The services by RajuLive and Apaja are easily accessible for the customer by the single window principle. The key to our success is high quality and continuing development of our operations. Our versatile film production spans event filming&streaming, after movies, animation and photography as well as commercial and presentation videos.

Archiving and sharing your poster

Following the lead of Evolution 2019 (and also using their instructions here), ESEB encourages you to consider archiving your poster as it makes it publicly available and citeable by yourself and others. It also allows others to easily download it for later reference and it may provide increased visibility for your work (e.g. to those not attending the conference or who were there but missed it among the hundreds of others).

ESEB suggest figshare as the platform to do this. Research deposited on figshare is stored under Creative Commons licenses that allow you to retain ownership and get credit for your work. More details about their licensing options are available here. Depositing to a common host also allows people to easily browse all meeting posters on a single site via a common tag (i.e. ESEB2019). Simple instructions on how to archive your poster on figshare (for free) are available here. These instructions also explain how you can easily generate a QR code that you can include on your printed poster that will allow users to directly access it on figshare simply by scanning it.

Print your poster in advance
ESEB poster presenters can order a printed poster from the printing office X-Copy and the posters will be delivered to the congress venue Logomo on Monday morning, 19 August.
Paper poster (140g matt, full coloured), 31 euros (incl. VAT 24%)
Textile poster (250g polyester, full coloured), 50 euros (incl. VAT 24%)
Place your order by sending your poster as a PDF file to Please indicate in the e-mail your invoicing details (you will receive a bill from X-Copy) and that the poster will be for ESEB Congress. Please note that the order should be made at the very latest by noon (12:00) on 15 August.