Code of Conduct

ESEB2019 – European Society for Evolutionary Biology

Code of Conduct

The ESEB Congress is intended to foster the exchange of scientific ideas, providing participants with an opportunity to network with an international community of evolutionary biologists. ESEB is committed to creating an environment where everyone can participate without harassment, discrimination, or violence of any kind.  All meeting participants must be treated with respect and consideration. Registration for the meeting is considered an agreement to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Harassment of any participant will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviour includes (but is not limited to) unwanted verbal attention, unwanted touching, intimidation, stalking, shaming, or bullying. Blatant discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, national origin, or ethnicity will not be tolerated. Harassment presented in a joking manner constitutes unacceptable behaviour. Retaliation for reporting harassment is also unacceptable, as is reporting an incident in bad faith.

Please note that the use of certain language or images in oral or poster presentations may contravene the Code of Conduct if they represent disrespectful criticism of individuals or teams rather than valid criticism of their science, if they are seen to objectify or demean individuals or groups. It is important to recognise that sensitivity to such aspects of communication varies, and what might be acceptable or humorous to some people might not be to others.

The meeting organizers and society executive officers reserve the right to enforce this Code of Conduct in any manner deemed appropriate.  Anyone violating the Code of Conduct may be: (a) asked to stop, (b) expelled from the meeting, and/or (c) prohibited from attending future meetings. Establishing this Code of Conduct is intended to maintain the high quality of scientific discourse that members have come to expect from our meetings.

If you experience any form of inappropriate behaviour, you may wish to contact and speak with an experienced external Human Relations counsellor that ESEB has contracted to help in such situations. You may also speak with the ESEB Office Manager, Dr Ute Moniatte, who can liaise with the external counsellor on your behalf. Either way, all communication will be held in strict confidence.

If you contact our counsellor, you will be asked the following
  • to give your name
  • to describe the events or behaviour that took place, and any other relevant circumstances surrounding the incident
  • if relevant or appropriate, to identify the perpetrator
  • if relevant or appropriate, to identify any witnesses.

Important: nothing will be undertaken without your consent, nor will your name be communicated to anyone without your consent.

Our external HR Adviser is Joanne Harding, at Workforce Window Ltd, a Human Resources company based in the UK with many years’ experience in dealing with individual complaints and breaches of codes of conduct. Joanne will handle your issues both sensitively and confidentially.

The Workforce Window website is:

To contact Joanne Harding, either send her an email ( or phone/text her (+44 792 009 46 63).

To contact Ute Moniatte, either send her an email ( or phone/text her (+49 160 524 3050).

Workforce Window Ltd follow the General Data Protection Regulations and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. The company has no other links with ESEB.

In broad terms, ESEB will adopt an approach that has been developed by a committee of our North American sister organisations (SSE, SSB and ASN). The text they have shared with us can be found here: